Primegold TMT Bar

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Process Of Prime Gold

Prime Gold TMT Bars ore manufactured through state-of-the art technology. Storting from the iron ore, JCB & Blasting process is applied for getting Iron ore from the mines and converted into 5mm to 20mm pa. Iron ore is mixed with cool in a pre-determined ratio and burnt at extremely high temperature (1150°C), in Rotary furnace. A proportion of chemical is also mixed and burnt at extremely high Temperature and the parameters are chocked by means of spectrometer, so that, the desired reduction of Fe from Iron ore is achieved the some is left for some hours for cooling Down. The high temperature process converts it into sponge block, in which 85% Fe is present. Now, Sponge is passed through continuous costing process to convert sponge into billet. Billet is cut into 3mtr pieces and sent to Automatic Boling mill for roling. After completing the process it is passed through Thermo Mechanical process, which involves Quenching, Tempering & Cooling stages. The inner core of the TMT is left soft and outer core of the TMT is hardened wherein Tensile strength of the TMT bar opprox 500 to 600 N/mmt is ovaloble.