Primegold TMT Bar

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Important Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Right TMT:


Transverse Ribs:

Another important aspect of the TMT that other manufacturers fail to understand is the degree and depth of the transverse ribs on the TMT. These transverse ribs play an important role in making a strong bond with the cement and concrete in the structure. We at Primegold, focus on all the parameters to make sure that our bars have wider and deeper ribs, so that they can have a better grip with the cement and concrete.


High Tensile Strength:

Primegold TMT bars come with the highest tensile strength of 620N/mm2 which gives support and strength to the building to withstand minor earthquakes.


Right Chemical Composition:

Our TMT bars are made from 99.96% pure steel which is in accordance with BIS norms.


Thermo Quenching Technique:

Thermo Quenching Technique used in making Primegold TMT, makes it easier for engineers to use.


Corrosion/Resist Protection:

There are no torsional residual stresses in the bars which results in superior corrosion resistance characteristics as compared to traditional cold twisted bars.


Right Manufacturing Technique Hot Charging:

Made from the most advanced technology of Hot Charging Billets that maintains the right weight of each bar.

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