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We take pride in being the industry leader for the production of superior quality cement which is immensely used across the country for various purposes such as construction of roads, bridges and for residential construction. Since our inception, we have been able to deliver such supreme quality cement because of our adherence to strict quality control, efficient processes, usage of high quality limestone and coal, and through the use of state of the art technology. PrimeGold ensures stringent quality measures are taken for each and every product. We make sure that the quality of product is maintained post production also by packaging the cement in high quality polypropylene/ white paper bags which ensures that there is no seepage while handling the product.

Manufacturing Process:

We believe that our products are the building blocks for a strong, vibrant economic future and hence PrimeGold cement is manufactured using the state of the art technology and supreme quality raw materials. Limestone, Clay, Pet coke which is also known as coke breeze and iron ore are the basic raw materials required for manufacturing an Ordinary Portland Cement clinker

70-80% of Limestone, 10-15% Clay, 2-4% Iron ore and 8-10% Pet coke are mixed and ground into fine powder in a ball mill. The powder known as raw mix is shifted to blending silos where it is blended to get a uniform quality mix. The raw mix is tested and is shifted to a storage silo, from where it is charged to a previously lighted kiln through a rotary feeder. The charge is burnt at a temperature from 1300º-1500ºC. The clinker thus formed is discharged and stored at least for seven days. Every lot of clinker is tested before cement grinding. The clinker is ground alongwith Gypsum in suitable proportion. The fine product thus obtained is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Depending upon the additives i.e Fly ash or Granulated slag in suitable proportion, the fine products thus obtained are Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) or Pozzolana Slag Cement (PSC). All physical and chemical parameters of the product are tested daily as per BIS norms

Features of PrimeGold Cement
  • Our high quality cement provides extra strength to the structure.
  • High early strength of structure helps in early removal of shuttering thus saving both time & cost ofconstruction.
  • Prime Gold cement is easily available in the market at affordable prices due to our immense dealer network which gives us an edge over our competitors.
  • We guarantee quick and prompt delivery to each and every parts of the country as our manufacturing plants are located diversely across India.
  • Dense & impervious concrete prevents water seepage and rusting of steel.
  • Low expansion & shrinkage properties help avoidingdevelopment of cracks in the construction.
  • Better bonding properties with construction material like RCC makes construction stronger & more durable.
  • State of the art manufacturing plant aided by advanced quality control consistently delivers quality product.
  • High flexural strength helps resisting crackdevelopment due to vibration.
  • Very high work ability leads to easy application for alltypes of construction & mortar work.


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