Primegold TMT Bar

Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution of Infrastructure Related Products & Construction Material.


Dealer Benefits:

  • Cross Rib TMT Bar
  • Unique Products to attract customer
  • More Variety to satisfy customers
  • Joint Venture with SAIL
  • National Brand
  • One Dealer Policy
  • Transparency with Dealers
  • Per PC TMT Bar Policy
  • Dealer focused company
  • Continuous Supply without delay in Dispatch
  • One Area One Dealer not concept
  • Latest technology made Products
  • No Compromise with quality
  • Dealer quarry resolve immediately
  • Organise tour scheme, Get together etc
  • Increase in Customer & Increase Sale
  • Being no Competition take premium margin
  • Discount Scheme direct for Dealer
  • No Manipulation of Distributors
  • Your all profit in your pocket

Home Builder:

  • Cross Rib TMT Bar
  • 18.3% elongation & Tesnsile strength
  • Wt./MtrĀ  according to minimum range of ISI
  • Produced by latest Thermo Quenching Processor
  • Better Grip with concrete and less consumption of cement
  • Increase capacity to hold the structure in case of minor earthquake
  • Extra length of TMT at the same price
  • Ensures easy bendability in desired shapes without extra effort to mason
  • More safety and strength & less cost of construction
  • Long lasting life of building & more protection from Damages
  • Quick completion of your house

Builder and Architect:

  • Cost Benefit
  • Govt. Approved
  • Physical & Chemical Composition